The Bikerak Drop-in

​The Bear Bones Systems MegaPannier Drop-in makes hauling that extra gear easy and convenient. Each Pannier has 63 gallons of storage volume and an IP53 seal rating to keep everything inside clean and dry. When you get there you can remove the Panniers from the trailer and roll them on their own wheels to your camp site, job site, beach spot. etc. and when you get back home they can be stacked and used for enclosed storage.

Following a sequence of steps (see the video page or click                     ), the motorcycles are loaded on a kneeling trailer and then raised using the integrated lifting mechanism to the traveling position.

The MegaPanniers  Drop-in

The Yakerak Drop-in

​U.S Pat. No. 10053170 and PATENTS PENDING

The Yoked Twin Drop-in

Configurable Minimalist Trailer Systems

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No ramps necessary. The rail or rails can be lowered to the ground for safe and easy loading.

The Motolev is used for transporting one or two motorcycles. The motorcycles are secured to the Motolev Drop-in with a lever-cinching system that simultaneously tensions straps attached to the foot pegs, and with a ratcheting strap that cinches the front wheel up to the Rock Lock bars.

Yoke two Strategy Chassis together and add a rail or two and you have a minimalist lifting trailer that is perfect for  hauling  ATVs  snowmobiles and especially road bikes. You've seen the videos of people dumping their high dollar road bikes while trying get them up a ramp. Why risk that when you can drive on and lift?

Drop-ins are attachments that drop into receptacles on the chassis frame and configure the trailer to a specific application.

Pull a few pins, remove a few bolts and it can be broken down for storage or reconfiguration.

The MegaPanniers Drop-in can be fitted with the optional sports bars that can be used for mounting bike racks, kayak racks etc. or for tying down awkward items like ladders or kick boats.

The Flat Bed Drop-in makes for a versatile and compact light duty side-dumping utility trailer. It is also capable of a cradle configuration, a ramp configuration or a headboard configuration. And when not in use it folds up for space-saving storage.

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The Motolev Drop-in

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The Flat Bed Drop-in