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Bear Bones  Minimalift

Configurable Minimalist Lift System


AKA Dirt Bike Stacker

No it isn't wall art. Though it could be. It is however the best way to get your dirt bikes out of the way when you aren't riding and store them with their suspension uncompressed.  A press of a button elevates them up into that wasted airspace and frees up valuable floor space. Did I mention it works great as service/maintenance lift as well?

Is there a more organized and safer way to store your bicycles? I submit there is not! Put that hitch receiver bike rack to use when it isn't hauling bikes. Just plug it into a carriage, load the bikes, and send them all up into the wasted airspace above.


One Minimalift, so many possibilities!

A variety of accessories can be inserted into the carriages that run up and down the column. This one is a platform for lifting dirt bikes but it can be removed and replaced with something else.


Short garage? Awesome! Just park your bike, bicycles, kayak or whatever else

above your car.

ascension columns.jpeg
Column Segments with arrow.jpg

The min. height of the Ascension Minimalift is 104" but 48" column extensions can be added to increase the height and multiple carriages can be added for more cargo. The total lifting capacity is 880lbs. 

IMG_20181023_180933619 cleaned up.jpg

The smart observer will appreciate how three dirt bikes and a trailer can all be stored in the same tiny floor space.


US Pat. No. 11,407,623 B2

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