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Decorating the yards and driveways of homes across America is the all too common Rusty Trailer. Sometimes you just need a trailer, and when you need it it's there. But most of the time it sits out there in the yard or driveway taking up space and diminishing the aesthetic value to your property, as it succumbs to the ravages of weather and turns into a pile of rust.

Bear Bones Systems configurable trailers are compact enough to be stored in the garage or shed, protecting them from the weather and theft while maintaining the beauty of your home.

Motolev in storage config 3.JPG


Sometimes you need a truck. Sometimes you don't. Sometimes you think you do, but.............
Trucks are great when trucks are necessary but when not, they are a big unnecessary expense.
When you need to move a relatively light load (around 600lbs or less) a car, van, or SUV can do the job and save $$$$$.
Bear Bones Systems configurable trailers weigh just 165 lbs (depending on configuration), so nearly any vehicle will have no problem towing them. And with just one wheel there is less rolling drag, making them very efficient and resulting in better gas mileage all around, no matter what vehicle is doing the towing.

Diesel Gas
Flatbed with Mowers 1.JPG
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U.S. Pat. No. 10053170 and 10640163

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