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Configurable Minimalist Trailer System CMTS

The Bear Bones Systems line of Configurable Minimalist Trailers and accessories is a trailer system composed of a light weight, single wheel chassis and a variety of "Drop-ins" and attachments that are combined to configure the trailer for whatever specific application you desire. The Drop-in depicted in the image here is a motorcycle carrier, but it can be easily removed and replaced with other Drop-ins such as a flat bed, a kayak carrier, a bicycle carrier, paddle board carrier, etc.

Motolev 1.JPG
Motolev  above.JPG

Drop-ins are easily swapped in and out to configure the trailer to your specific desired application.  (More Drop-ins coming soon).

When not in use, the Bear Bones trailers take up so little space that they can be stored indoors right along side your car in the garage or in a shed. This is a huge advantage for anybody who doesn't  have space in the driveway to store a trailer, doesn't like the idea of their trailer rusting away in the yard, or lives in a HOA or condo and can't store a trailer outside. Maybe your wife doesn't like a trailer cluttering up the yard. A Bear Bones trailer could save your marriage! 

The Bear Bones Systems Configurable Minimalist trailer systems are light weight (165 lbs with MotoLev Drop-in) and produce minimal rolling drag, thanks to the one wheel design, making them efficient and capable of being towed by almost any vehicle.

Motolev in storage config 1.JPG
Motolev in storage config 2.JPG

U.S. Pat. No. 10053170 and 10640163

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