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2 Dirt Bike Minimalift Package

2 Dirt Bike Minimalift Package

SKU: 1542

This package includes everything you need to get 2 dirt bikes off the floor and stacked on the wall. 

The height of the column is 104" So a minimum ceiling height of 106"  is needed for installation however a min. ceiling height of  around 126" is preferred to allow full carriage travel and to avoid the possibility of crashing the top bike into the ceiling.

Each platform can support up to 400 lbs and the total capacity of the lift is 880 lbs.

Alternate mounting options are not included. Go here for Alt Mtg Bkt and here for Mounting Offset to see if you need these alternate mounting options.

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    If you are purchasing multiples or have access to a shipping dock in an industrial area you may contact us prior to ordering via the contact page to request a custom shipping quote that may be less expensive than the standard shipping.

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